Trigger Time Monitors

'Trigger time' is measured by how long employees' hands are actually in contact with equipment while it is vibrating. Our aim is to provide employers with solutions which help to achieve full compliance with Health & Safety Executive (HSE) regulations and protect employees from the damaging effects of Hand Arm Vibration.


The HAVi

The HAVi monitor is a simple, effective, affordable solution to monitoring trigger time, helping employers to conduct professional risk assessments and then take action to eliminate and reduce the risk of HAVS.

Key benefits include:

  • Accurate measurement of tool use
  • Converts the data to display the official HSE point system
  • Clearly displays when the Exposure Action Value (EAV) and Exposure Limit Value (ELV) have been reached
  • Monitors can be colour coded depending on the HAV risk and log books are available for the operators to record their daily use
  • As per HSE guidelines, if an operator exceeds 100 HSE points in one day the device triggers a warning light that flashes amber to advise the operator to take a break. The light will turn red advising the operator to stop if the critical 400 HSE points band is exceeded in any one day.

If you would like further information on HAVi or to arrange an on-site demonstration of HAVi trigger time monitors, please contact us.